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Ice breakers, team building games and daily challenges. All in one place to make your meetings fun and engaging.

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A better way to start your meetings

Engage your team/audience with games, questions, and icebreakers. No more slow starts or awkward silences. Set your meeting for success with fun and engaging ice breakers.

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Compete in daily team challenges

Prove your team is the best. Daily challenges are a great way to keep your team engaged and motivated. This will help encourage teamwork, foster collaboration and create a sense of camaraderie. See how your team stacks up against other teams.

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Fun ice breakers for meetings

No matter what type of meeting you have we have a fun game for you. We have icebreakers for regular meetings, team buildings, retrospectives, and even for your daily standup's.

Enjoy variety

Never play the same ice breaker again. We have a variety of ice breakers for you to choose from. We will make sure you never get bored.

Different lengths

Choose how long you want your game to be. We have ice breakers for 1 minute, 5 minutes and longer.

Get personalized experience

Tell us if you loved or hated the icebreaker game. We will use your feedback to make your next meeting even better.

Games based on your setup

Screen sharing? Remote? On-Site? You will get the best experience based on your setup.

Keep track of your games

We will keep track of the ice breakers you have played. You can always come back to the ones your team enjoyed playing.
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It's completely free.Boost your meeting success.

A person is merely defined by how fun their meetings are. Set up your meeting for success, Call the IceBreakerMan now!

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