About IceBreakerMan

I've discovered that fostering connections with people while working remotely can be quite challenging. In the aftermath of COVID-19, many individuals were reluctant to return to the office, exacerbating the situation. This left me feeling increasingly disconnected from my colleagues, and I was eager to find a solution.

I observed that incorporating icebreakers into meetings significantly improved team cohesion. However, it was often difficult to identify suitable icebreakers that were both engaging and appropriate for a professional setting.

Consequently, I decided to develop a platform designed to help teams effortlessly discover games and icebreakers tailored for meetings. This platform aims to facilitate stronger connections among team members while simultaneously making meetings more enjoyable and productive.

  • Andrius Tamasauskas founder of IceBreakerMan

    Andrius Tamasauskas


    Software engineer. And a huge lover of animations.

  • Andrius Tamasauskas founder of IceBreakerMan

    Sarunas Urbelis


    Engineering manager / Staff Test Engineer