About IceBreakerMan

I have found that connecting with people while working remotely is quite hard. After covid, people were hesitant to come back to the office, which made situation even worse. I felt even more disconnected from my coworkers and I wanted to find a way to change that. I saw that playing ice breakers during a meeting helped the team to get closer. But it was always hard to find correct ice breakers suitable for a meeting. So I have decided to create a platform that would help teams easily find games and ice breakers for meetings. It should help them connect with each other and make meetings more fun and productive.

  • Andrius Tamasauskas founder of IceBreakerMan

    Andrius Tamasauskas


    Software engineer. And a huge lover of animations.

  • Andrius Tamasauskas founder of IceBreakerMan

    Sarunas Urbelis


    Engineering manager / Staff Test Engineer